NANOfIM 2016

NANOfIM 2016: Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement Workshop), 8-9 September, Chemnitz, Germany

The international “Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement Workshop” (NANOfIM) takes place from 8. to 9. September 2016 in the lecture hall building of the Chemnitz University of Technology. It is organized by the Chair of Measurement and Sensor Technology of the TU Chemnitz and the University of Salento (Italy). The program offers a framework for lectures and poster contributions on topics in the field of nanotechnology. The conference will focus on the development and production of sensors, transducers, and measuring systems based on nanomaterials, their characterization, as their applications, for example in biotechnology, electrical engineering, and medicine. The keynote speakers have already been confirmed: Prof. Dr. Christofer Hierold (ETH Zurich), Prof. Dr. Lukas Eng (TU Dresden), Prof. Dr. Thomas Seyller (TU Chemnitz) and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Roling (Philipps University Marburg).

Until 30. June, interested parties are invited to submit papers for oral or poster presentations. These contributions are then reviewed (peer review process). The conference contributions will be published in a referencable conference volume with ISSN number. As part of a post-publication, selected authors will also be given the opportunity to submit a more detailed version of their work for publication in an internationally established IEEE Journal or Book Series to be published.

Students of the TU Chemnitz are also invited to submit poster contributions of their scientific work. A “Best Student Poster Award” will be presented as part of a student competition. “This gives students the opportunity to present their work to a national and international audience of experts and to make new contacts,” says Prof. Dr. Olfa Kanoun, holder of the professorship for measurement and sensor technology and organizer of the workshop. She hopes to present the TU Chemnitz as an interesting place to study to a broad specialist audience and at the same time to arouse more interest in nanotechnologies among students.

The workshop is technically and financially supported by the Technical Committee 34 “Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and Measurement” of the IEEE Instrumentation Measurement Society.